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Bathroom with marble look tile flooring and freestanding bathtub

Tile in Oregon & Idaho

Dive into our unmatched selection of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile in OR and ID to embark on your next home improvement journey with confidence. InHouse Carpet One Floor & Home proudly offers an extensive array of top-quality tile options in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID. Whether you're renovating your home or enhancing your business space, our showroom provides a diverse range of tile flooring solutions crafted to elevate aesthetics and functionality.



What are The Different Types of Tile?

Ceramic Tile

Crafted from natural materials and subjected to high-temperature firing, ceramic tile embodies durability and versatility. With glazed options available, ceramic tiles offer enhanced strength, vibrant colors, and captivating textures, making them ideal for applications ranging from walls and backsplashes to custom showers.


Porcelain Tile

Exemplifying superior durability and moisture resistance, porcelain tile is manufactured from dense clay and fired at high temperatures. Perfect for high-traffic areas and outdoor installations, porcelain tiles boast exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come.


Stone Tile

Elevate your space with the natural beauty and enduring durability of stone tile options such as slate, limestone, quartz, travertine, and marble. Each stone tile features unique patterns, textures, and mineral veining, making them an optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, from fire hearths to commercial establishments and outdoor walkways.



How to Choose the Best Tile in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID

Selecting the perfect tile involves careful consideration of several key factors:


  1. Durability: Prioritize tiles renowned for their ability to withstand wear and tear, with porcelain being an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
  2. Aesthetic Preferences: Align your tile selection with your interior design vision, whether it encompasses classic, modern, rustic, or contemporary elements.
  3. Application Area: Different tiles are suited for different areas; for instance, porcelain is ideal for floors and outdoor use, while ceramic excels in wall and low-traffic applications.
  4. Maintenance: Evaluate the level of maintenance required for each tile type, with porcelain and ceramic typically demanding less upkeep compared to natural stone varieties.


Tile for Laundry, Kitchen, and Bath in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID

Enhance the heart of your home with durable and stylish tile flooring options from your local OR and ID InHouse Carpet One. Choose from an extensive selection of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space. Similarly, elevate your bathroom's ambiance with tiles renowned for their resilience and timeless appeal, ensuring a space that exudes sophistication and comfort.


Backsplash Tile

Transform your kitchen or bath with standout tile backsplashes, available in various designs ranging from sleek subway tiles to rustic stone looks. Our diverse selection offers endless styling possibilities to complement your space and protect your walls from stains, steam, and moisture.


Laundry Room Tile

Practicality meets style in the laundry room with our durable and easy-to-maintain tile flooring options. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles to create a functional and visually appealing laundry space that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.



How to Properly Care for Tile Flooring and Backsplash

Preserve the beauty and longevity of your tile flooring and backsplash with these essential maintenance tips:



Why Choose InHouse Carpet One Floor & Home for Tile in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID

Selecting InHouse Carpet One for your tile needs offers numerous benefits:


  1. Local Expertise: Benefit from the insights and expertise of a locally owned and operated business that understands the unique needs of homeowners and businesses in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID.
  2. Wide Selection: Explore an extensive array of tile options in various colors, styles, and materials to suit any design preference and budget.
  3. Professional Installation: Trust our skilled installation team to deliver precise and high-quality tile installations tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring lasting beauty and performance.
  4. Customer Service: Experience personalized assistance and exceptional customer service at every step of your tile project, from selection to installation and beyond.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on quality, thanks to our affiliation with a leading cooperative that enables us to offer premium products at competitive prices.


Explore Our Tile Selection in Ontario, OR & McCall, ID

Discover the perfect tile solution for your home or business at InHouse Carpet One Floor & Home. Visit your local Oregon or Idaho showroom to explore our extensive selection and receive expert guidance from our knowledgeable staff. Take advantage of our free estimates and other valuable services to turn your tile dreams into reality. Start your tile journey with us today and experience the unparalleled quality and service of InHouse Carpet One Floor & Home!

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Explore our selection of tile flooring, including porcelain, ceramic tile, and stone, only at InHouse Carpet One.

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