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Laminate flooring in living room with furniture and fireplace

Laminate Flooring in Oregon and Idaho

Over the years, laminate has evolved as a flooring category, becoming more durable, stylish, and performance-driven. At In House Carpet One Floor & Home in Ontario, Oregon, and McCall, Idaho, we offer a top selection of quality laminate flooring.


You’ll find various laminate styles, including many natural woods like white oak, pine, hickory, and maple. While laminate flooring has advanced in many ways, it remains an affordable, easy choice to install and maintain over the years. 



What Are The Benefits of Laminate Floors? 

There are many compelling reasons to choose laminate flooring. Here are just a few things we love about laminate: 




How Does Laminate Compare to Hardwood Flooring? 

While the surfaces of laminate wood floors and natural hardwood floors look relatively similar, they are different flooring types.



Laminate flooring is made by gluing together several layers of compressed wood. At the surface, there is a wood-look image rather than natural hardwood. This image is created using high-definition photography and textured printing.


In contrast, even engineered hardwood floors feature a wood surface made using maple, oak, hickory, walnut, or other popular wood species. Laminate planks are generally cheaper, easier to care for, and more water-repellent than natural hardwood floors. 



Where Can Laminate Floors Be Installed?

Laminate flooring can be installed anywhere you'd usually enjoy hardwood floors, but that's just the beginning!


We recommend laminate floors for everyday living spaces like living rooms and dining rooms. Like the products found in our exclusive collections, waterproof laminate flooring is best for kitchens, basements, and other moisture-prone areas. You can also use laminate in light-use commercial settings, like small offices.



Is Laminate Flooring Tricky To Install? 

Installing laminate floors is simple and fast compared to other flooring mediums.


Most laminate flooring products have a simple click-lock installation method that doesn’t require glue and allows you to walk on the floor the same day as installation. Click-lock floors usually “float” over the subfloor and are easy to repair and replace.


However, it's important to note that "easy" is a relative term! Flooring installation isn't a project for many weekend warriors, particularly if you're not handy with household tools.  Additionally, many product warranties require professional installation to ensure future coverage. 


Ask us about our professional flooring installation options.


Where Can I Find the Best Laminate Selection Near Me? 

InHouse Carpet One Floor & Home is your destination for the best laminate flooring in Oregon and Idaho. Our selection features popular name brands you’ll find in big box stores and exclusive collections.


That means you have many choices, including unique and affordable laminate options that will give your home or business a distinct appearance. We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on delivering a personalized shopping experience tailored to your needs.


Want to learn more about your local laminate flooring options? Visit our two local showrooms today or contact us for a FREE flooring estimate!

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Laminate flooring in bathroom with sink and table

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